Sodding and Re-Sodding


Once your lawn is completely covered in weeds or is beyond repair, re-sodding is the only way to go. Do not let anyone convenience you at this point that any other lawn care service will revitalize your lawn; you will only be throwing money out the window.

Re-sodding consists of removing your existing lawn. Tilling will be required to loosen the soil and remove any additional roots from weeds and old sod. Then we rake the lawn to remove any debris and level the ground. Fresh and healthy sod will be staggered across your lawn for an efficient and beautiful look.

Sod Installation Important Steps

  • For the first 2 weeks you must water your sod daily (preferably 20 minutes before sunrise and 20 minutes after sunset, this will help with fungus growth) Please check with you water department for watering times.
  • For the 3rd and 4th week you must water your sod every other day (20 minutes before sunrise or 20 minutes after sunset).
  • We will not cut your lawn for the first 2 weeks.
  • During the summer keep in mind that your sod may suffer from fungus, chinch bugs, webworm and other insects. Prepare yourself ahead of time for the summer by contacting a pest control company that specializes in lawn extermination.
  • Finally, once your sod takes root, it is crucial to fertilize in order to maintain a greener healthier sod.

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Warning: Please call 811 in advance to see if there are wires or pipes to watch out for, prior to re-sodding. Please notify workers of shallow pipes or wires you are aware of or any irrigation system you have installed.